1:1 Coaching for Leaders

Whether you're interested in maximizing your impact, elevating team dynamics, or renewing your work motivation, we'll build a coaching plan that’s tailored for you.

Every plan includes accountability: after each session, I'll share a summary of coaching themes, your commitments, and supplimental resources to encourage progress.


Four coaching sessions within two months. We'll discover what deepens your engagement and work together to take action on 1-2 concrete opportunities. You'll gain clarity, focus and practical strategies to accomplish your goals.


Unlimited coaching over six months. We'll uncover when you're at your best and you'll commit to magnifying those circumstances. We’ll also challenge old patterns that may be holding you back and limiting your impact. Finally, we'll chart a path for you to embody the life you want.


An interview-based 360 assessment grounded in positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. By focusing on a desired future, the SHIFT+360 process highlights what’s working and what you can do more of to advance your goals with key stakeholders. Used on its own or in conjunction with coaching, this process provides specific, actionable behaviors for you and your colleagues to create lasting change.

"The work we did together has helped me find my voice as a leader, use my voice in more situations and to greater effect, and most importantly, to remain true to my voice during particularly difficult and stressful times."


Simple yet proven process


Assess and Clarify

We'll start by defining your current state and setting clear goals. We'll also assess your strengths and identify your weaknesses, surfacing key focus areas for coaching.

Connect and Experiment

Next, we'll connect the dots between your strengths, weaknesses, and focus areas. Then, we'll design solution paths to reach your goals. You'll step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new mindsets, actions and approaches.

Apply and Develop

Finally, you'll apply your newfound wisdom in your day-to-day work. We'll measure your progress, and identify practices for continued personal and professional growth.