In a reactive world, coaching provides you with an opportunity to reflect and listen, to foster deep connections with yourself and others, and to grow into the leader and person you want to become.


Our coaching partnership is a quiet space for you to listen; to cut through the static of everyday life and hear your inner voice. As a listener you identify your purpose, values, and strengths. You stop focusing on what you ‘should do’ and start listening to what is needed in the moment to be most effective and support your vitality. Our partnership is also a safe place for you to decipher your feelings, and to observe your patterns of thought and action in order to move forward freely and purposefully.


During our sessions, it is my job to keep what is true in focus, so that you may trust the certainty of your inner knowing and find your way. Together, we’ll work on integrating the information provided by your thoughts, feelings and spirit, so that you can act with more intention, and connect more deeply with yourself and those around you.


You are not a problem to solve, you are a revelation to become. I'll help you move toward current challenges, discomfort and uncertainty to find new possibilities, strengths and connections. Courage, focus, and creativity are skills like any other, that can be learned and strengthened. Through our sessions you'll enhance your leadership dexterity and practice new ways to embody the career and life you want.

“My relationship with Lisa is best described as profound. Lisa shows up for me as a partner, guide, advisor, and advocate for both my professional and personal development. She has the most incredible grace and candor, all the while challenging me and championing my growth.”

Vice President

Multinational Consulting Firm