My relationship with Lisa is best described as profound. Lisa shows up for me as a partner, guide, advisor, and advocate for both my professional and personal development. She has the most incredible grace and candor, all the while challenging me and championing my growth. Quite simply, she’s fantastic and I feel lucky to work with her.
— Vice President, Multinational Technology Company

After a year of profound loss, Lisa asked me the question: “So what have you found?”
I come back to that question when I need perspective and strength.
— Vice President, The Synapse Group

Lisa coached me during a time of career transition. I always left our sessions with a greater understanding of my current situation and feeling like I had a variety of options for next steps...She helped my personal development tremendously and I became a stronger leader for my company because of the coaching.
— Senior Manager, Multinational Technology Company

I worked with Lisa as my executive coach when I was still getting my feet wet as a new manager. Coaching calls with her were exactly what I needed. She has an incisive way of cutting to the heart of issues by asking probing questions at the right time… I’d jump at the chance to work with her again.
— Manager, Multinational Technology Company

Lisa has a keen way of blending process knowledge (what steps to take, what direction to go, what path leads forward) with the ability to connect deeply to another’s heart and soul.
— Senior Advisor, LRN

Working with Lisa has untangled the mental cross-currents that stymie my professional growth. Frustrated and at odds with myself, Lisa’s guidance is teaching me to move toward my innate interests and skills by following healthy, intuitive responses to new business opportunities. At the same time, I’m learning to identify and banish fear, self-recrimination, and energy-draining projects. Through it all, Lisa is wise, warm, and funny. She’s challenging—exposing my self-defeating habits, and relentless in ensuring I discover deeper peace, connection, and meaning in my work.
— Davia Larson, Editor & Podcast Producer

My partnership with Lisa was a total game changer for me and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Program Manager, Multinational Technology Company

I recommend working with Lisa for three reasons.
1) Lisa is an expert in the application of positive psychology.
She uses science to help leaders transform and to help organizations increase performance.
2) Lisa has been a successful executive herself.
She knows the pressures and opportunities that come with leading a business.
Her insights are informed by experience.
3) Lisa is a gifted and skilled coach. She helps you achieve what you want professionally and personally.
Her coaching is a blend of curiosity, encouragement, accountability, and challenge.
Her work is infused with commitment and compassion.
Finally, Lisa is a terrific person. She’s authentic, kind, and smart.
Her work as a coach is a calling.
You will not find someone more passionate about your success than Lisa.
— David J. Pollay, Best-selling Author